Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Event 10: Steal The Color Blinds

$400 + $50 Six-Max Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Jordan Ludwick (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Lot of chips over at table 9 and it's currently four handed.

Jordan Ludwick just busted Gordon Eng sort of by accident. Jordan had 8?6? and was up against AK. Flop fell J♠ 8 2♠.

Gordon's A-K pushed in for his remaining 25,000 and Jordan snap called.

He proudly slapped his hand down and announced, "I have a pair and a flush draw." The dealer and players begged to differ.

No flush draw - Jordan who is partially color blind, misread his suits. Whoopsie - no monster draw. Fortunately for him he faded the turn and river and scored the knock-out despite the mishap.

Ludwick is up to 90,000 which is a very decent size stack in the room. Melad Marji to Jordan's right has him outchipped at 95,000 after his AA held up on yet another bust-out at the table.

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