Sunday, November 13, 2011

Event 6 Recap

$260 + $40 Deep Stack Semi-Turbo NLH (Re-Entry)

Congratulations to Craig Feldherr who practically drove down his entire home game from Long Island to Borgata and just took down Event 6.

In the end Craig beat out 362 players all vying for a chunk of the $94,120 Total Buy-In.

Everyone started at 11am with 25,000 deep stack chips but the first 15 levels were only 15 minutes long, making this Event a turbo. Beginning with level 16, blinds increased to 30 minutes transforming the structure into a semi-turbo.

This event also allowed re-entry, which meant any player who busted out during the first 8 levels (two hours of play) could re-enter (as many times as their bankroll allowed).

Some familiar faces in the poker world and Borgata community Craig had to contend with included: Jerry Maher, Tony Sinishtaj, Lee Childs, Sirous Jamshidi, Paul Spitzberg, Howard Wolper, Kelly Armentrout, Guyana Petrossian, Son Nguyen, Chris Edwards, Matthew Piccolo, Joe Boatwright, Sumit Kumar, Marguerite Spagnuolo, Steven Levy, and Michael Buttacavoli.

36 players all cashed once chip leader John Del Rossi (Mantua, NJ) won a hand with two pairs, kings over fours knocking out a short stacked bubble boy.

Joe Santoro (Franklin Square, NY) was the chip leader on dinner break with nearly 1.5 million. Joe went on to final table, finishing in 6th place for $4,474. Santoro's big score came when he called the all-in bet of Gionni Demers (Jackson, NJ) with AK against Demer's pocket 2s. Santoro spiked a king on the river to win an 800k chip pot. Demers cashed but fell short of the final two tables.

The 2011 Borgata Fall Poker Open has already ushered in several WSOP heavy hitters including Demers who finished 20th in this year's Main Event.

The final table included Jonathan Diolosa, Borgata regular Wooyang Lin, John Del Rossi, Poker Pro Sirous Jamshidi, Chris Deoliveira, Vinny Pizaro, Joseph Santoro, Arkado Gadelov, Craig Feldherr, and Nam "David" Sou.

Lots of people watched this one from the rail in the Signature room and they certainly got thrill after thrill. These dealers were dishing out more suck outs than I've seen since the Open began.

Ironically enough, Nam and Craig came down together and play in the same home game. Nam finished 6th in a sick hand where he flopped the nut flush then lost to a runner, runner full house. A couple other of Craig's home game railbirds were Michael "3-Queens" who finished 33rd, and Stevie-B.

Del Rossi was in a ton of pots, tanked frequently, and was controlling the final table until he went out in 4th place after flopping top pair against Vinny's flopped set of deuces.

As you would expect in a turbo event the action was fast and furious. It felt like "All-In's" every other hand as the blinds kept ballooning. Even the heads up was wrapped up in three or four total hands and these guys had plenty of chips to play some poker.

Right before the clock struck midnight, third place of $8,491 went to veteran poker pro, Sirous Jamshidi and $13,694 was awarded to Plant Operator, Vinny Pizaro who got it in good holding A-Q but couldn't outluck Craig Feldherr who hit his Q-5 three-outter on the flop.

When you're hot, you're hot! With that hand, Craig Feldherr reached a goal he set for the Borgata Fall Poker Open. He stated that he just wanted to make a five-digit cash. How about $2-4-6-4-6 to take back to your Long Island home game representing your largest cash ever?

As Craig sat in front of all 9.1 million tournament chips and hoisted the trophy, he said out loud, "I love this place". Borgata thanks you and loves you back! Congratulations again.

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