Thursday, November 17, 2011

Event 12 Recap

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Before 11Am the registration line stretched outside the Poker Room and down the hall as far as the eye could see as 963 Borgata Poker hopefuls entered today's $100,000 guarantee for an affordable $200 + $30 price tag, and 20,000 chips.

But only one would win it all taking down 19.3 million in tournament chips along with the engraved 2011 Borgata Fall Poker Open trophy. That individual is the human buzzsaw, Edward Grau who drove up from Baltimore MD to play this tournament, then will drive back tomorrow.

Because Event 12 was a re-entry (until end of Level 8), players who felted during the first 8 levels could have re-entered as many times as they could afford. Edward did not re-buy and claims he didn't even bluff. Guess you don't have to when you pick up KK 99 and AA in back to back to back final table hands. Of course all three hands held up giving Edward more than half the chips on the table.

With so much interest in this tournament, Tables 1-25 were in the Signature Room and tables 26+ were set up in the Poker Room. All and all a ton of players taking their shot at the gold.

Familiar Borgata faces and regulars included: Dave Zeitlin, Tony Shurilla, Steven Levy, Howard Wolper, Tommy Colamaria, Jay Johnson, Mickey Woll, Austen Johnson, Wooyang Lin, Lee Childs, Arkadiy Tsinis, Adam Lippert, Lana O'Brien (9 months pregnant and at the top of the Borgata Leaderboard!), Gordon Eng, Larry Gold, Lisa Pickell, Mike "Little Man" Sica, and Andrew Klein.

One of the fastest bubbles ever as top 90 made the cash. A double knock-out from a man with the nickname "King Kong" (Thomas Ross) sent David Inselberg and the Bubble Boy out in the same hand.

Fun Last Woman Standing battle between Cherish Andrews (St. Thomas, PA) and Sherry Parks (Henderson, MD). Sherry won the title and also outlasted her husband and brother who were also in Event 12.

Then there was Danny Dagostino (Belleville, NJ) who would have been out the door if not for his Q-10 finding quads. Danny went on to make the final table where he finished in 2nd Place for 24,755. Danny thanked his Mom and all his friends for their love and support.

A strong final table of ten set up as the clock struck 3AM. Players included: Thomas Rodriguez, Duane White, Cuong Phung, Danny Dagostino, Dean Chen, Carlos Colon, Vlad Geykhman, Thomas Ross, James McKeon, and Edward Grau.

NYPD cop Carlos Colon ended up taking home third place prize of $14,946.

Gotta love these $230 buy-ins. Total Buy-in amounted to $192,600 and Edward Grau got the biggest chunk, taking home $42,044 and the trophy. With 100 people left Edward was down to three big blinds. Goes to show you - never give up.

Congratulations again to the man of the hour, Edward get some sleep everyone!

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