Monday, November 21, 2011

Creque Seeks Victory

$2500 + $200 CHAMPIONSHIP Double Play Re-Entry NLH

James Creque - Actor

James Creque (Brooklyn, NY) is an actor and production manager and part time poker player. In fact this is his first go at a big time professional poker tournament and he's having a lot of fun.

James is a character and has pointed out two other characters at the table. He called James Boyle a "genius" and Joanne Monteavaro "pretty". Boyle had issue with the claim.

Acting skills can pay off big time in poker so James has the edge in that department.

His card protector is a silver star with the word "MARSHALL" on it. "Always tell the truth" said Creque. Now it's up to the other players to figure out if he's telling the truth, or just acting.

Level 6 Blinds: 150 / 300 with 25 antes.

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