Monday, November 21, 2011

News From the Twitter-verse

$2500 + $200 CHAMPIONSHIP Double Play Re-Entry NLH

Play resumed after the break with level 5, blinds 100/200 with 25 antes.

Here are some of the Tweets from the break:

Eli_Loewenthal Eli Loewenthal
Getting punished at a fairly soft table. They won't let me win a pot...ever. 18.6k from starting 30k. #borgatafallopen #mainevent

Andrewbadecker Andrew badecker
Folded all but three hands for 2 hours. Still a little below starting. 4 players I would classify as very bad at the table

HighlandFox Timothy Finne
17,500 as antes kick in

JCamby33 James Campbell
I lost my heart should have fired a 3 barrel but couldn't pull the trigger down to 20k

KevinSauLivePro Kevin Saul
27k at 2nd break. Lucky to only lose 2k when I flopped J hi flush vs A hi flush, hero folded flop. Feel lucky and good

JohnnyBaxPoker Cliff Josephy
39k after level 4.

toddbterry Todd Terry
39500 at 2nd break.

leechilds Lee Childs
15k second break. Peacefully grinding.

ratboyx Gionni Demers
15k on 2nd break. Made zero hands, and everyone just thinks im this crazy young kid and are never folding to me. #timetobuild

BBOY3110 Larry Sharp
25.5k from 30k, haven't won a hand, comin bac 1/200 25

JBrikis Josh Brikis
Lost a few pots w ak...38.6k at 2nd break

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