Saturday, November 19, 2011

Event 16: 7th Place - Saul

$700 + $70 + $500 Six-Max Purple Chip Bounty NLH (RE)

Kevin Saul (Chicago, IL)

Blinds 5k/10k/1k ante

On a board of J♠ 9♣ 8 Kevin Saul and Leonid Vizirov are all in with Vizirov at risk in a nearly 1 million chip pot

Saul: A♣ 10♣ (open ended straight draw, over card)
Vizirov 10 10♠ (same draw, pair of 10s)

Turn: 4

River: K

Vizrov's pair holds and he doubles 461k, leaving Saul with just 55k. After one double-up, Saul is out with AK against Matt Fox's A7.

WPT title holder Kevin Saul is out in 7th place for $6,810.

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