Saturday, November 19, 2011

PPI Perspective

As expected the Borgata Fall Poker Open tournament series has been a huge success, with massive fields and many familiar faces including Borgata regulars and popular poker pros.  The newest addition to the popular Borgata tournament series schedule offered a wide range of events to quench all poker players interest in a variety of buy-ins and types of tournaments offered.  From re-entry events, bounty, deep stack, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Ladies event, and Seniors tournaments, there truly has been something for everyone.

Borgata's staff has been on point - as they always are - managing the large fields between The Signature Room and Poker room flawlessly.  With no less than four events running simultaneously several times throughout any given day, the team (including floor personnel, dealers and cashiers) has this event series running like a well oiled machine. 

Borgata's Live Updates Team keeps families, friends, and fans of the players well informed about all the news going on here during the Borgata Fall Poker Open.  From up to the minute chip leaders and human interest stories about the players to informative tournament updates, this crew of reporters adds a high level of excitement for anyone participating or following the events.

With promotions like the Borgata Fall Poker Open Tournament Leaderboard contest, where players receive points based upon participation and tournament results, and vie for a chance to win a Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship Event seat along with other prizes.  Borgata also held an online sweepstakes giving entrants the chance to win a $2700 entry into the Borgata Fall Poker Open Championship Event.  This contest was won by Borgata regular and PPI Pro Matt Mazzeo, who has had his share of success here at Borgata events over the past few years.

PPI (Poker Players International) - the most prolific representation and marketing agency in the world - is well represented here at the Borgata Fall Poker Open tournament series, and many more PPI Players are expected to be coming in for the $1 Million Guaranteed Championship event.  

While the Fall Open's Event 6 Deep Stack Turbo unfolded, an interesting story developed between PPI and one of its biggest supporters through the years.  As Craig Feldherr, an attorney and avid poker player from Long Island, made his way to the final table many eyes were following him on the Borgata Poker Blog and other social media sites.  Craig is much more than a poker player, he is truly an asset to the entire poker community and represents all the reasons millions of people around the world are passionate about the game. He supports and roots for the success of his friends within the game, participates in forums, conducts interviews with media and provides support to players.  He also processes the skills to compete with the best players in the world while finding the balance between his family, children and career.  

As I enthusiastically followed Craig's journey to becoming a Borgata Champion through Borgata's Live Updates and Craig's posts on FaceBook, I was reminded of the numerous times he would send me words of encouragement during events in which I have played in through the years. Scores of other Long Island-based players can say the same thing about Craig and the support he conveys to poker players during their tournament play. When Craig got heads up in the Fall Open's Event 6, he contacted me and asked,  "If I take this down, am I PPI material?" 

I was honored that he would want to be part of our organization that includes players from around the world representing WSOP and WPT Champions, accomplished poker authors, ambassadors to the game, and a wide range of players with success both on and off the felt.  Like many, I am proud of Craig and his poker accomplishments that I know he has worked so hard to achieve.  It was a pleasure to include him on the PPI roster with his Borgata Champion trophy picture.

Recently the partners at PPI teamed up with a new and innovative technology to develop and launch  With Bubble Protection, poker players can now purchase protection on their tournament buy-in and poker site fees for a modest premium.  A player’s buy-in and tournament site fees will be “Paid Back” to the player’s account upon finishing in the “Bubble” with instant verification and settlement of claims.  Unique in the industry, with Bubble Protection, the player doesn’t need to make a claim, or engage in any additional money requests. Player accounts are settled automatically. With Bubble Protection, online players worldwide can now preserve their bankroll and enjoy more tournaments, without the hassle or distraction of excessive losses or long forms.

“Bubble Protection’s genesis was the asking of a simple question, what is the single most effective way to help online poker players improve their poker results?” said Eugene Castro, Bubble Protection Creator and Company CEO. “We want to give players the ability to enjoy the game they love more often and more profitably through bankroll preservation, and variance reduction through the use of our proprietary Bubble Protection technology.”

Bubble Protection utilizes revolutionary technology created by Poker Pro Labs (, an industry leader in poker tracking technology. Bubble Protection will be available to all non-U.S. players for all regularly scheduled tournaments on PokerStars, Party Poker and iPoker Networks.

“Bubble Protection will be offered only in jurisdictions that permit online poker,” said Randall Kasper, CIO and Director of Legal Affairs. “Due to current regulations relating to online poker, Bubble Protection is currently not available in the United States. Although, we are anxiously awaiting the future opportunity to offer this sensible bankroll management tool to U.S. players.”

Chris Moorman the all-time leader in online poker earnings, utilizes the BubbleProtection technology. He can be seen endorsing and explaining the service through unique interactive video appearances at

As the Borgata Fall Poker Open series concludes with its Championship event this week, we wish all participants the best of luck and thank the Borgata for yet another exciting and successful tournament series.

Eric Siegel
Co-Founder, Director of Marketing PPI

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