Saturday, November 19, 2011

Event 18: Chip & A Scare

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em

Josh Brikis (Pittsburgh, PA) - 44,000

Josh Brikis scoops a pot and sort of sends his Opponent packing.

Josh raised in the cut-off and Opponent jammed on the button. Josh called and the two heads-up players prepared for a showdown.

Josh, the "Inside the Minds" co-founder/poker instructor had the lead with A-K vs. A-J.

Board ran clean: 4-3-8-10-3.

Opponent collected his things and just made it past the Signature Room exit when the dealer announced he still had one 100 chip left, enough for one ante. We called the kid back to see if he could pull off the miracle "chip and a chair" comeback but he was out on the following hand:

Sirous Jamshidi had 4-3, saw a flop of 4-4-Q with a player betting into him. Runner, runner 6-6 didn't scare Sirous who scooped a healthy pot.

Josh Brikis at 44,000.
Sirous Jamshidi at 40,000.

Joanne Monteavaro busted one level ago leaving three women remaining.

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