Thursday, November 24, 2011

7th Place - Rouhani


Freddy Rouhani (Brigantine, NJ)

Rouhani shows a lot of patience and was the short stack all day. The WSOP bracelet holder raises to 250k, leaving himself just 60k behind.

Tony Nguyen calls, thinks Rouhani is all in, and exposes his hand. Once he realizes Rouhani still has chips the two see a flop of 9 4♠ 4.

Rouhani checks, Nguyen moves all in and Rouhani says, "what do you have down there, ace-king of spades," as he throws in his 12 blue chips.

Nguyen: A♠ K♠
Rouhani: Q♠ J♠

Rouhani is in a world of hurt and doesn't connect on the turn or river to finish in 7th place for $59,084.

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