Thursday, November 24, 2011

Event 21: 6th Place - McGarry

$250 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Thomas McGarry (Hazlet, NJ)

It was pocket tens that did Thomas McGarry in - twice. First he folded tens and if he hadn't folded he would have ended up with a full house and a monster scoop.

Then he shoved with 10-10 and ran into K-K of Pavel Krapivin.

There was plenty of drama on the hand as Pavel hit a King in the window then Thomas nailed a ten on the turn. Set of kings over a set of tens crippled McGarry.

He did manage to quad up on the next hand as he picked up QQ and hit a Queen on the flop.

Alas he was still very short and got it in with A-3. Wouldn't you know it, Pavel picked up Cowboys again. KK held on a board of Q-3-7-Q-6.

Thomas will be heading home for Thanksgiving and said the turkey will taste that much better since he'll be bringing home $3,116 worth of gravy.

Thomas McGarry finished in 6th Place earning $3,116.

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