Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nguyen Doubles Through Badecker


Tony Nguyen just won't go away as he doubles 2.2 million through Andrew Badecker. Nguyen holds K Q against Badecker's A 4, and hits trip queens to stay alive.

The four players are now very even in chips with Badecker still holding the lead:

Andrew Badecker (Vernon, CT) 8.2 million (68 BB)
Tony Nguyen (McLean, VA) 4.5 million (38 BB)
Ari Albilia (Syosset, NY) 4 million (33 BB)
Peter Park (Jersey City, NJ) 3.8 million (32 BB)

Blinds 60k/120k/20k

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  1. It was my chips donked off to badecker that popped his chips from 200k - 400k when V.ramdin was hats off to u A. badecker just remember to thank your boy to your right for those healthy chips...H.Pags here & out


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