Thursday, November 17, 2011

Event 12: 1st Place - Grau

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Edward Grau (Baltimore, MD)

Excellent tournament and finish for Edward Grau who just added $42,044 to his Borgata bankroll. The huge payday was accomplished without a re-buy and without a bluff. You heard me - Edward said he was getting so many big hands at the right time that he didn't have to steal.

"The cards played themselves" said Edward who doubled up at the final table each time on back to back to back wired pairs. First KK held up then 99, then AA. What a sick run.

What makes the win more incredible is that Grau was down to 3 big blinds with 100 people left in the tournament. Funny thing was 2nd Place Danny Dagostino was equally shorted and the two were right next to each other.

As they each picked up pot after pot they made a vow to meet up again at the final table. And meet up they did - heads up for all the money.

Just on a whim Edward decided to drive out from Baltimore yesterday and jump into a Donkament. Good thing he got his butt up here. He'll take Borgata for $42,044 and drive back tomorrow. Talk about a hit and run.

Great job once again to the amateur poker player I named the human buzzsaw. Players at the table declared his table image the best they've seen in a long time.

Edward Grau finished in 1st Place earning $42,044.

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