Thursday, November 17, 2011

Event 14: Dinner Break

$350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

Arnold Armed & Ready

Pearce Arnold (Washington DC) has been on a heater since moving to his new table and says he's doubled his stack from 150k to 320k (107 BB) to take over the chip lead.

Arnold busts Joe Isabella (Egg Harbor Twp., NJ) just before dinner break when Arnold's A J hits an ace on the river to outrace Isabella's pocket 6s. The bust-out along with one other elimination sends the remaining 30 players (100k avg./33 BB) on dinner break.

Normally we track the big stacks, but because we're just three spots from the money, here's a look at those who may have a time time enjoying dinner.
Short Stacks

Stuart Nelson (Atlantic, NC) 9,600 (3 BB)
Joe Manganiello (Cranford, NJ) 19,600
Joe Cramer (Carlisle, PA) 21,200

Blinds are 1,500/3k/400 ante when play resumes at 8:15 pm.

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