Friday, November 18, 2011

Event 15: Trading Chips

$1500 + $150 Heads Up No Limit Hold'em

Jesse Yaginuma just had aces cracked to Daren Elias two pairs, kings and jacks.

Elias bets 2,800 on the turn and Yaginuma calls. On the river Elias moves all in for 8k and Yaginuma reluctantly calls looking to end the match.

When Yaginuma sees the bad news he asks Elias, "why couldn't you just check-raise the turn, I'd feel better about telling a bad beat story. Elias smiles and says, "I thought about it," as he now takes the chip lead 32k to 8k.

Blinds are 400/800, so it's far from over; these two are grinding for a spot into the Elite 8, and a $3,638 payday.

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