Friday, November 18, 2011

Event 16: Saul Sacks Musumeci

$700 + $70 + $500 Six-Max Purple Chip Bounty NLH (RE)

Kevin Saul's pocket Jacks held up against a short-stack all-in with A4 suited.

Kevin collected his 4th bounty chip ($2,000).

A couple of hands later, Amanda Musumeci fired at an Ace-high flop of all clubs.  Kevin Saul raised enough to cover her.  She tanked for a minute, then called all-in, showing AJ for top pair (no club).  She was ahead of Kevin's pocket 7s, but he had a club. 

 Kevin Saul

The offsuit King on the turn changed nothing, but the Queen of clubs on the river completed Kevin's flush.

Kevin chipped up to about 200k and pocketed his 5th bounty ($2,500).

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