Sunday, November 13, 2011

Event 5: Bountiful vs. Bounti"nil"

$500 + $60 + $500 NLH Purple Chip Bounty

Players are really loving the bounty aspect of the tournament. Well, I'd understand if Richard Wilson wasn't too keen on it.

Richard has played all day and as luck would have it hasn't been able to score even one bounty chip. Sure he's had his share of all-in showdowns but has lost them all. And his stack is decent just north of 200,000 so he's been playing good - just no knock-out punches.

On the other hand take Boris Fidelman who now has 9 bounties. His stack is below average.

So would you rather have an above average stack and 0 bounties or a below average short stack and 9 bounties? Interesting question.

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