Sunday, November 13, 2011

Event 7: Stolen Hearts

$200 + $30 Ladies No Limit Hold'em

Familetti Flushes Two

Three ladies on table 3 are loving the flop of 7 6 2, but only Christine Familetti (Broomall, PA) likes the turn and river.

Player 1: 7♠ 7 (flopped set of 7s)
Player 2: 2♣ 2(flopped set of 2s)
Familetti: 8 8♣ (over pair, flush draw)

Turn: K (Familetti flush)

River: 10

Familetti hits her flush on the turn and dodges the full house and quad draws on the river to take down the 50k pot.

Familetti is now one of the bigger stacks, but trails Stephanie Hubbard who continues to lead with 75k.

More than half of the 115 player field is gone as 53 players remain with an average stack of 26k (26 BB).

Blinds are 500/1k/100 ante.

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