Sunday, November 13, 2011

Event 7: 7th Place - Bykofsky

$200 + $30 Ladies No Limit Hold'em

Sheree Bykofsky (Atlantic City, NJ)

Lana O'Brien makes a small raise with her big stack and Bykofsky, who starts the hand with 150k, calls.

Flop: 3 6 7

O'Brien c-bets, Bykofsky moves all in, and O'Brien calls.

O'Brien: 3 6 (two pairs)
Bykofsky: 10 10 (over pair)

O'Brien's two pairs hold and Bykofsky is eliminated saying, "it's a brutal way to go out after playing well all day."

Sheree Bykofsky finishes in 7th place for $892.

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