Sunday, November 13, 2011

Event 5: Down to a Dozen

$500 + $60 + $500 NLH Purple Chip Bounty

Richard Wilson, Jr. got his last few chips in with AT and was up against the J8 of John McGuinness.  The board came T 2 2 J 3 and the turn gave the pot to John.  He's up to ~480k and collected another bounty.

Richard Wilson, Jr. will collect $1,474 for his 14th place finish.

 Richard Wilson Jr (14th) and Saad Ghanem (13th)

On the other table, Saad Ghanem's short-stack all-in with KQ and up against the AT of big stack Harry Korotki.  Saad got no help on the board and was busted.

Saad Ghanem finished 13th for $1,474 (and one bounty).

12 players remain.  The next three to go will earn $1,917.

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