Sunday, November 13, 2011

Event 7: 8th Place - Garrander

$200 + $30 Ladies No Limit Hold'em

Cecelia Garrander (Manalapan, NJ)

Garrander is all in for 75k with a suited A 4, but she runs into Lana O'Brien's pocket kings, which hold.

"If I'm going to lose to any player, I'm glad it was to the mommy to be," says Garrander, who's a payroll manager that plays at Borgata "all the time."

O'Brien's due date is this Saturday, November 19th and Garrander's good friend Alyson Parker joked that there was an "infiltrator at the final table." Meaning that this tournament is ladies only, as O'Brien is expecting a boy.

Cecelia Garrander finishes in 8th place for $669.

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