Saturday, November 12, 2011

Event 3: 1st Place - Paul Longo

$400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em

Paul Longo (White Plains)

Congratulations to Paul Longo who had the day off for Veteran's day and decided to play a little poker at Borgata. His 18 hour day-off delivered a $37,401 payday.

It was a Longo road for Paul as he had over 700,000 chips then dusted off 500,000 right before the final table. Somehow he was able to re-built including a crucial runner, runner diamond hit in an A-K suited showdown.

"I was patient and I picked my spots" explained Mr. Longo.

A hit and run for Paul Longo who has to return to work and won't be able to play any more Borgata Fall Poker Open events. Enjoy the trophy and the victory!

Paul Longo finished in 1st Place earning $37,401.

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