Saturday, November 12, 2011

Event 5: Roland Routed, Re-Entered

$500 + $60 + $500 NLH Purple Chip Bounty

Table four just got a little easier.

Roland Israelashvilli moved his short-stack in and got action from a player holding AK offsuit.  Roland's AJ suited was badly dominated.  The the flop came Q J 3 and Roland took the lead with a pair of Jacks.

A 7 on the turn changed nothing, but the Ten on the river gave his opponent Broadway, the pot, and Roland's $500 bounty chip.  (Interestingly, four spades hit the board, but neither player was holding a spade.)

Roland has re-entered and is now seated at another table.

Level 6 has begun with blinds of 200/400 with 50 antes.  This will be the last level for entries and re-entries.

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