Saturday, November 12, 2011

Event 5: Bob Busts Boatwright

$500 + $60 + $500 NLH Purple Chip Bounty  

Carless 'Joe' Boatwright was all-in and busted by 'Action' Bob Hwang.  Adding that bounty chip to his pocket gives Bob his third bounty of the day. 

After that hand, Bob was up to ~65k.  Then Saad Ghanem was all-in for 14,900 and Bob called. 

Saad's QT off was dominated by Bob's AQ suited, but the flop came T T 3  giving Saad trip Tens.  He doubled up and cut Bob's stack down to about 50k.

All tables are now playing 9-handed.

Down to 68 players.  Average is 67k (55 big blinds).

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