Saturday, November 12, 2011

Event 4: 6th Place - Ruby

$350 + $50 Big Stack Pot Limit Omaha

Ethan Ruby (New York, NY)

Ruby and Stephen Boyer trade chips back and forth on consecutive all ins before Boyer finally knocks out Ruby by hitting a back door flush draw.

Ruby is co-founder of poker4life, an organization that helps raise awareness to how much poker can impact the charity world. "We stress the positive power of poker," says the 35-year old, who's confined to a wheelchair, "and play for a cause bigger than yourself."

Ruby and his brother-in-law, Jeremy Schwartz, who finished 15th in this event ($856), encourage players to donate 1% of their winnings to the charity of their choice.

"As long as they're giving back, that's the most important thing," says Ruby. "The more final tables we make and the higher we finish, the more chances we have getting exposure."

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Ruby was struck by a car and suffered a severe spinal cord injury. That was 10 years ago and Ruby says his life is going "great," as he's now married and has two children (3 years & 2 months old).

Ethan Ruby finishes in 6th place for $2,444.

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