Saturday, November 12, 2011

Event 5: Crowder Misses Bounty, Again

$500 + $60 + $500 NLH Purple Chip Bounty

They're having to much fun over on table 12.  In the 6 to 9 seats are Nachman Berlin, John Lakatosh, Bob Hwang, and Keith Crowder.

While I was watching, Keith Crowder was all-in on a Jack-high flop, holding AJ for top/top.  His opponent held QJ for an inferior kicker.  The last two came J 7.

When the stacks were counted down, his opponent had 2,800 more chips than Keith, so she was not busted, so no bounty for Keith.

 Bob Hwang & Keith Crowder

Keith had Bob Hwang all-in with the worst of it before.  Keith had pocket Kings against Bob's pocket Queens.  Bob won the pot, however, so Keith missed that bounty, too. 

Then their roles reversed.  Bob was all-in with Kings and Keith had pocket Queens.  The Kings held up this time and Bob doubled up, leaving Keith short-stacked.

"That's not the worst one" said Keith.  Earlier in the day, Keith was all-in with pocket 6s and beat a player with 5s.  But Keith only had 4,100 chips and his opponent had 4,400, so Keith missed that bounty, too.

Keith does have one bounty in his pocket today, so it cold be worse.  He's currently up to ~30k.

Bob Hwang's got about 45k.

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