Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little Bad Beat Hits

David Grandieri (Danbury, CT) - 3-3-3-3

At approximately 3:15 AM the little bad beat hit for $50,000 on the $5-$10 no-limit table in the far left area of Borgata Poker Room. The 8 participants jumped and shouted for joy as you would expect.

Board ran out: 34♠ 736.

Nina Abrahams (Livingston, NJ) with A9 flopped the nut flush and would be beat by two other opponents.

James Gargiso (Staten Island, NY) won the hand with his 4 5 along with second place little bad beat payout money.

But it was David Grandieri (Danbury, CT) with 3♣3♠ who turned quad three's and lost to a river straight flush and thus won the little bad beat.

Congratulations to all the players involved!

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