Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4-Bet Shove Before Break


Peter Park opens from the cutoff to 90k
Mike Linster 3-bets to 220k from the button
Mike Devinksy tanks from the small blind and folds
Park moves all in for 1.4 million and has Linster covered
Clock hits zero and the other nine players are on a 10 minute break

Linster can't believe Park has 4-bet shoved on the last hand before break. "If I fold will you show," asks Linster. Park nods yes.

After a couple of minutes of wondering if Park has AK, Linster folds.

Park shows J♠ J and Linster says, "you had the best hand, I had eights."

Park breathes a sigh of relief and was hoping that Linster didn't have pocket queens.

All eleven players are on break as the orange (1k) chips are removed from play. Blinds moving up to 25k/50k/5k ante.

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