Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fast Food


The remaining 16 players are on a 30 minute dinner break. Tournament officials want to keep things moving so play doesn't go too long into Thanksgiving morning.

On the last hand before break, Peter Park wins a one million chip pot as Mike Devinsky folds to a river bet. Park now has 2.4 million and is the big stack on table 1. On table 2 three players are in the 2-2.1 million range.

Chip Stacks (in millions)

Peter Park 2.4
Cliff Josephy 2.1
Andrew Badecker 2.1
Thang Van Nguyen 2.0

The average stack is 1.3 million (42 BB) and when play resumes at 7:45 pm blinds will be 15k/30k/4k ante.

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