Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eleven Gone in 25 Minutes


Somebody lit a fire under these guys.  25 minutes into the 5k/10k level, we've lost 11 players.  All the placements will be posted when I can catch up with them, but here are some of the stories:

Leonardo Palermo shoved with pocket 7s, running into pocket Jacks.  The Jacks held and Leonardo busted out in 58th place.

Anthony Spinella crippled Arkadiy Tsinis when his 87 out-flopped Arkadiy's AK.  Arkadiy then shoved the next hand with QJ and Anthony looked him up with A8.  The best hand held and Arkadiy was busted.

Eugene Juergens got all-in pre-flop with pocket 3s against the pocket Queens of Cliff Josephy.  The Queens held up and Eugene was busted in 53rd place.  Cliff chipped up to ~800k.

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