Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Steve Ryan Gets There


Table 4 is having the most fun in the room. Victor Ramdin orders beers for the entire table.

In the midst of all the joking around, Steve Ryan jams his 120,000 stack on a flop of 8-7-4.

Quick call from Opponent who tables 8-8. Ryan says, "Of course" but doesn't give up.

Paint peels off and at first looks like a Jack - but it was a Queen.

Ryan still doesn't give up as he confidently calls for the Jack moments before it spikes the river.

With his tournament on the line, somehow he got there.

The players didn't want Ryan to leave as he was in the middle of a story and they all wanted to hear the end. Steve Ryan up to 240,000.

Drink up table 4, especially you Steve.

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