Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Players are back and ready for the final money push. 80 remain with an average stack of 251k (42 BB)

Blinds 3k/6k/500 ante.

Latest Tweets

Tim Byrd
Just doubled up to 90 , 84 left, good luck me!!!

Andrew badecker
River Kd bringing back door diamonds and he bets 60k, I call and he has Ace high. 765k now, blinds 3-6k. #building #castles

Todd Terry
109k heading to 3k/6k. About 20 away from $.

Steve Ryan
Just hit the card of my tournament! JJ doubles thru 88 on an 458 flop. I check jam into dog poop and river BINK :) 215k @ 6k bubble near

sickallkris chris grove
Break..220k 3k/6k 500a next. 80 left

Aaron Massey
240k avg is 250k 80 left playing down to the money at 63 players

Eli Loewenthal
~360k headed to 3000/6000. 80 left and 63 get paid #borgatafallopen #mainevent

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