Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Down to 36


In another battle of the blinds, Joe Wertz shoved from the small and Scott Wardell called all-in from the big.

Joe had A2 and was dominated by Scott's A7.  Then the board came 9 5 3 2 A and Joe claimed the pot with Aces-up. 

Not a nice thing to do to your former roommate.  Scott was okay with it though as he collected his paperwork for 38th place.

Steven Rodriguez got his chips in the middle on the turn with a board of 9 9 3 6, holding 76 suited for two pair.  His opponent had pocket 6s and had turned the full boat.  Steven was tossed in 37th place.

Steven had a good run during this series with four cashes, two of which were 3rd place finishes.

36 players remain at four tables.

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