Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Break Time Tweets


Here are some tweets from the championship players, sent during the break.

toddbterry Todd Terry
110k. AKs < AA aipf.

SugDpoker David Zeitlin
517k going to 8k-16k. 35 players remain.

JohnnyBaxPoker Cliff Josephy
824k going to 8k-16k/200. 35 left. Avg around 575k.

nevermissmassey Aaron Massey
Break. 211k 35 players left blinds 8-1600 grinding for my life out here but I've got all the heart. Destiny lies within the next 2 levels

SteveRyanPoker Steve Ryan
Break. Im sure some of these other phenomenal players deserve to win. But I think my brother would have wanted me to win :)

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