Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aces Hold for Queen

$2500 + $200 CHAMPIONSHIP Double Play Re-Entry NLH

Heads Up Champ Wins Three-Way

Follow the bouncing ball to see how Alex Queen (Bethlehem, PA) turns pocket aces into 95k by busting two players (Tony Gregg & Dan Pignataro) for the triple up.

All three players had their starting stack of 30k with blind at 50/100.

Queen (UTG) raises to 300
Pignataro (MP) raises to 750
Gregg (Button) raises to 2100
Alex Nepomnyaschiy (BB) calls
Queen calls
Pignataro raises to 6700
Gregg and Nepomnyaschiy both call
Queen 6-bets all in for 30k total
Pignataro and Gregg both call
Nepomnyaschiy open folds pocket queens

Pignataro: K K
Gregg 8♠ 9♠
Queen: A♣ A♠

Flop J♠ 2 10 (Gregg open ended)

Turn: 5 (no change)

River: J♣

Queen's pocket aces take the pot sending Pignataro and Gregg to the rail.

Nepomnyaschiy, aka "the Jedi," says, "winning the heads-up isn't enough? He runs like God."

Queen won the heads up Championship ($29,098) two days ago and the 2010 Borgata Spring Poker Open title ($356,000). Borgata is definitely Queen's run good home.

Players are on a 15 minute break after playing the first two levels.

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