Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tiime to Check the Tweets

$2500 + $200 CHAMPIONSHIP Double Play Re-Entry NLH

Another break is done, so time to check those Tweets:

D_Dayy Nelson Robinson
30k after 2nd break. My table is warring to lag it up

Hutch3276 Brian O'Donoghue
31k at 100/200 25a

TheReaLMander Amanda Musumeci
26k @ 2nd break. Not a ton of movement. Toughy tbl. Maintainin

Flashgordon227 Gordon Eng
Down to 8k from 55k. Playing like a donk

JCamby33 James Campbell
Not the best two levels. Down to 21k after not making any hands. Plenty of time tho #noworries

nevermissmassey Aaron Massey
62k on 2nd break. biggest stack at my table

KevinSauLivePro Kevin Saul
2nd break, up to 51k which sounds good, but I'm playing terribly and was lucky to double b4 break coolering my buddy. Need to play better

BeatByRags Tim Byrd
2nd break 45k plus , good luck me!!!

toddbterry Todd Terry
15225 at 2nd break.

JABistro John Allan Hinds
2nd break, $23.5k. Just stayin' out of trouble

poochpoker Joe Cappuccio
25K 100-200-25

mrhahn5 Michael Hahn
3 of the fish busted now and i cant even get hands to see flops. 31275 going to 100/200/25a. super lagtard on my direct left now.

mscell Mark Scellato
55K at 2nd break.

sickallkris chris grove
18k at 2nd break. 1/200 25a when we come back.

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