Sunday, November 20, 2011

End of Day 1A Chip Counts (Big Stacks)

$2500 + $200 CHAMPIONSHIP Double Play Re-Entry NLH

Players Remaining: ~108
Average Stack: 64k (80 BB)

Name-Chip Count

Andrew Interdonato 234,775
Alex Nepomnyaschiy 180,200
Alex Queen 170,775
Joel Gola 159,500
Michael Hahn 155,900
Michael Shasho 144,750
Christopher Grove 140,575
Aaron Massey 137,025
Eric Panayiotou 136,450
Chuck Furey 133,625
Louis Menges 132,300


Sirous Jamshidi 126,675
Cornel Cimpan 105,525
Will Failla 53,300
Mike "Little Man" Sica 49,800
Keith Crowder 40,000
"Miami" John Cernuto 39,725

A full list of chip counts will be posted after 9 am.

Day 1B players hit the felt Monday at noon, while remaining Day 1A players return for Day 2 Tuesday.

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