Sunday, November 20, 2011

Level Ending, Starters Begin

$2500 + $200 CHAMPIONSHIP Double Play Re-Entry NLH

Steve Rosen & Failla (center) Check out the Menu,
while Campagna Waits

The Signature Room is getting a little rambunctious as the dinner break is right around the corner. Tony Campagna is waiting to play Day 1B, so he's helping WPT Champion Will "the Thrill" Failla beat the crowd.

Failla selects the Chinois Chicken Salad from the Wolfgang Puck menu as Campagna heads back to the restaurant to hold a table.

Gordon Eng will be on an extended dinner break after busting with pocket kings when he's out flopped by AQ.

Players will be on a 75 minute break starting at at 6:40 pm.

Wolfgang Puck Starters

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