Sunday, November 20, 2011

Event 18: 3rd Place - Min

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em

Jason Min (Flushing, NY)

One of the greatest or worst hands I've ever seen.

The two giant stacks decided to mix it up on what ended up being a tournament ending hand for Jason Min.

Here's how it went down. Hold on to your seat-belts!

Jake Toole has 300,000 and gets out of the way on the button.

Avraham Lipman and Jason Min have virtually identical stacks. Lipman has Min covered by only 200,000.

Jason calls the small blind and Avraham raises to 100,000 in the big blind.

Jason re-raises to 420,000 total.

Avraham goes in the tank. Does he really want to tangle with the other big stack?
After a few minutes he announced, "All In". Jason Min quickly calls.

Avraham's A K vs. Jason's A K . Somebody says, "Chop it up" but it just didn't feel like a chop. The spectators on the rail got closer as they watched the dealer flip a flop of:

8 10 6 . So Avraham has to sweat a heart. Min calling out for the heart.

The turncard was the 5 . It's now anybody's hand. Avraham rooting for a diamond. Jason rooting for a heart. Jake Toole rooting for any red card to jump up $18,000.

The river is the 9 . Avraham goes runner runner diamonds for the win.

The rail exploded. Shouts of "brutal" and "the sickest thing I've ever seen" were heard.

Jason Min played an incredible tournament. He had the chip lead over 50% of the entire tournament. It seemed like there was no way to stop him. It took a sick sick hand like this to derail the well respected, highly skilled poker pro.

Jason Min finished in 3rd Place earning $23,959.

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