Sunday, November 20, 2011

Event 18: Chan Chips Up

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em

Kay & Jennifer Chan

Kay's wife Jennifer called me over as a big hand was brewing.

Opponent stuffed his medium stack in on the flop and Kay insta-called.

Kay tabled A10 on a 10♠ 5 A♠ flop.

Opponent showed K♠Q♠ giving Kay (and Jennifer) a major sweat - any spade, any Jack.

Board bricked out and Kay's A10 held up bringing his chip total up to 192,500 pot.

Opponent was knocked out.

Kay and Jennifer have been married for 5 months. They met in NY at a poker game where Kay was playing and Jennifer was dealing.

Kay showed me a tatoo on his wrist of Jennifer's name. Now that's love!

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