Sunday, November 20, 2011

Event 18: 1st Place - Lipman

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em

Avraham Lipman (University, OH)

An amateur weekend warrior just beat out 260 opponents to take home the Borgata trophy and a whopping $70,614.

The huge payday is by far the most cash Lipman has won in any poker tournament.

Imagine you work for a medical supply company, you play poker for two days and you take home $70,614 back to your Thanksgiving dinner. Avraham says hi to his Mom and instead of jumping in the Championship will be heading home for some turkey on Thursday.

As for the money, Avraham will invest some back into poker as he'll continue to play on the weekends. He's also going to seriously think about turning pro.

When you look back on any tournament there's always one or two make or break hands. Early on Avraham was at risk with his tournament on the line and hit his miracle card on the river. He 3-bet with KK in the big blind. Opponent 4-bet on the button so Avraham shipped it.

Opponent tabled 10-10 then hit a 10 on the flop. Avraham packed up his things as the turn bricked. He had one foot out the door when the king spiked down.

The very humble Avraham admitted half the players at the final table could out-play him. "I got lucky in some spots" said Avraham.

Lipman's luck came at the right time as he hit runner runner diamond diamond to take out 2nd in chips, Jason Min. Both players had suited red big slick and both got it in pre-flop.

"When Jason snapped I thought he had AA or KK. After he hit two hearts on the flop, then I hit two diamonds on the turn, I was hoping for a black card on the river".

Diamond on the river spelled gold for Lipman who will bring $70,614 back to Ohio and will no doubt enjoy a happy Thanksgiving with his loved ones. Congratulations again!

Avraham Lipman finished in 1st Place earning $70,614.

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