Sunday, November 20, 2011

Event 18: 2nd Place - Toole

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em

Jake Toole (Sharon, MA)

Jake Toole played so perfect that he only had to go "all-in" once during the two-day Event 18 grind. Unfortunately the one time he was all-in at risk, he shoved with A-2 heads-up and ran into Avraham Lipman's 6-6.

Sixes held on a board of K-10-4-Q-10.

As Jake reflected back on the big hand of the tournament where two A-K suited monster stacks got it in while he only had 300,000 Jake said, "It was nice to have two big stacks collide".

Jake took Avraham about twenty hands heads-up and worked his 300,000 up to 700,000 before finishing in 2nd.

I heard several railbirds and fellow players pay Jake compliments on his poker skills and how he played in this tournament.

He navigated through a tough field to the final table and ultimately for a huge second place payday. Well done! Look for Jake to play tomorrow in the Championship Event.

Jake Toole finished in 2nd Place earning $41,613.

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