Sunday, November 20, 2011

Event 18: Gumbiner The Triple-Up Miner

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em

Lew Gumbiner (Somerset, NJ)

In the last two orbits Lew Gumbiner was down to one 1000 chip. The table seems to be rooting for him to make a miracle comeback. Lew succeeded in step one which was a much needed triple up when his JJ held against K-Q off.

A few hands later, Lew jammed with A-9. The dealer started to muck Lew's hand but the floor straightened everything out and the hand continued.

Small blind and big blind called Lew's last 3800.

Board of K-J-K-3-K was a winner for Lew's A-9.

Table-5 is filled with some quality quotes.

Kay Chan got a laugh after he told Lew, "at least you made it to the break".

Everyone's laughing now but if Lew can climb back into this tournament and make it to tomorrow, the chip and a chair dream has a shot to actualize.

In another funny moment at the table, after Kay Chan called himself the "dealer's assistant" Ted Geier quickly quipped, "yeah, he takes care of the antes making him the ante-Christ".

Kay's wife Jennifer is railing behind her man.

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