Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday Sweat


Corey Lieblein - 240,000

Self-proclaimed rank amateur Corey Lieblein (Port Washington, NY) started the day with 72,000 and built his stack up to above average at 240,000.

Corey noticed my "Pokerjunkies" hat and was telling me how he was playing at the same table at the WSOP main event Day-3 with actor-producer Mars Callahan.

Corey owns a consumer electronics company so his products will be on store shelves all across the country on Black Friday which is a huge day for Corey and his company. Naturally he'll be sweating it out, hoping for a big shopping turnout.

Early on today Corey's A-A vs. A-K wasn't much of a sweat but did score Lieblein the double-up.

Some of the pros at the table were providing some friendly banter and Corey wasn't afraid to defend himself and spar back saying to a short stack, "I'm gonna clean your clock out like it's my job". At least for today, making the cash really is the only job at hand.

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