Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Action


Jesse Cohen's pocket Aces went down in flames when his opponent, holding pocket deuces, flopped quads.  Jesse has reported to the rail.

Allen Kessler got his last chips in with KJ from the big blind, but once again was looked up by Sung Ha Kim, who held pocket 8s.  The board fell A 5 3 6 6 and Allen was felted.

Eli Loewenthal (button) raised, John Hinds (bb) shoved, and Eli called all-in, showing pocket Queens.  John's pocket 9s were way behind, and got further behind when a Queen flopped.  Eli doubled to ~30k.  John was left with about 14k.

Alex Queen's pcoket Tens sucked out on Jake Toole's pocket Kings.  The Toole is toast.

Steve Ryan's pocket Jacks hold up and he doubled to about 43k.

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