Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Table


Pass The Cranberry

Huge table of chips with Yat Cheng (blue cap) at 340,000, Aaron Massey (seat 7) at 450,000 and Victor Ramdin (seat 8) at 600,000.

Yat scored a nice knock-out with 6-4 in the big blind. Victor raised with A-K, Opponent flatted with Q-Q, and Yat called, getting in cheap.

Yat flopped da nuts looking down at 2-3-5 and checks. Victor checks A-K and Q-Q jams.

Yat calls, Victor folds, and Yat scoops. Turn - K. River - 10.

Q-Q blamed himself for not jamming pre-flop. However, Victor probably would have called and won the pot on the turn anyway.

Next closest stack to Ramdin seems to be Andrew Badecker (Vernon, CT) with 530,000.

Victor is the chip leader in the room.

Players are on a fifteen minute break.

110 remain - 63 get the pumpkin pie!

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