Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Break-Time Tweets


Time to check the Tweets:

JohnnyBaxPoker Cliff Josephy
52k on long break as we switch rooms. Going up to 1k-2k/200.

sickallkris chris grove
105k at break..1k/2k blinds when we come back..looks about 180 left.

SugDpoker David Zeitlin
We're going to 1k-2k. Table isn't too tough, it could be a nice spot.

mscell Mark Scellato
125K at break. 1000/2000 when we return.

toddbterry Todd Terry
81k going to 1/2k

poochpoker Joe Cappuccio
110K 1k/2k/200

BeatByRags Tim Byrd
2nd break 80k or so! Laid down qq on a 843 board raise utg i flat, he bet 4200 I raised to 11900, he made it 30k shitty situation!!!

BBOY3110 Larry Sharp
Awful level, have like 52k going into 1/2k after break, lost big pot w 99 where dude leads 762 after flatting sb w J9 n turns a J

D_Dayy Nelson Robinson
After 2nd break I have 210k going to 1k/2k/200. Avg stack is 110k

BigCheese_poker Thomas Marchese
120 going into 1/2. Table isn't the best.

SteveRyanPoker Steve Ryan
90k approx going up to 2k bb.

nevermissmassey Aaron Massey
Break 288.9k avg is 107k w 189 players left blinds will be 1-2k. I lost my first hand but I lost min.. playing perfect today. BorgotaMain

mrhahn5 Michael Hahn
228k going to 1k/2k. tables tough

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