Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Victor Makes Hero Call vs Frankenberger


Play resumed after the break with level 14, blinds 800/1,600 with 200 antes.

I had his hand recounted to me by the players themselves.  It happened during the previous level.

Due to table breaks and player moves, Victor Ramdin has landed at table twelve with WPT POY Andy Frankenberger on his right.  Matt Glantz is also now at table 12.

Andy raised and Victor 3-bet.  Andy called and the flop fell Q Q 4 with two hearts.  Andy checked, Victor bet, and Andy called.

Turn was an Ace and Andy led out for 12,500.  Victor raised to 30k and Andy called.

River was a blank.  Andy shoved for 46k.  Victor tanked and/or nit-rolled, (depending on the source) and eventually called.  Andy had Q9 for trip Queens.  Victor had QT for trip Queens with a slightly better kicker to take the pot and double-up.

As of the break, Victor was up to ~190k while Andy was down to ~55k.

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