Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last Woman Standing


Barbara Rogers - Last Woman Standing

Congratulations to Card Player magazine writer Barbara Rogers (Lock Haven, PA) who is having a good Fall Poker Open. She took 8th place for $7,566 in Event 18 and is the Last Woman Standing in the Championship.

Her table just broke up sending Barbara over to table 7, seat 9. We talked about how poker is both a mental and physical game.

On the mental side, Barbara was up all night re-playing hands from yesterday in her mind. Things she did, things she could have done differently.

Physically, today she's very tired - very fatigued. She's afraid she's making mistakes because of her lack of sleep.

"In one tournament to wake myself up and get the oxygen flowing, during breaks I ran up ten flights of stairs and that helped" explained Barbara.

125 players remain on 14 tables.

Average chip stack is 160,800.

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