Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Signature Chip Leader


Back in the Signature Room, some interesting moves have taken place.

Borgata Poker Open champion Bobby Oboodi has busted out.  Day 1B chip leader Sakip Shehu (Brooklyn, NY) has landed in his empty seat at table 10.

Table 5 has gotten a lot tougher as players have moved in to fill empty seats:
Alex Queen
Leonid Vizirov
Natale Kuey
Sean Knitter
Kirkor 'Coco' Tekneci
Bruce Yamron
Arkadiy Tsinis

Nick Manfredo

But the only player in the Signature Room with over 300k is Nick Manfredo (Levittown, NY) on table 3.  He's currently stacking over 320k and is second in chips overall.

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