Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tough Table: Two


Directly in front of media row here is table two, which is chock-full of poker talent:

Greg Fishberg
Sung Ha Kim
John Myung
Amnon Filippi
Allen Kessler
Jesse Yaginuma (2009 Borgata Poker Open Heads-Up Champion)

Allen Kessler (Las Vegas, NV) was all-in pre-flop recently and got looked up by Sung Ha Kim (Cliffside Park, NJ).  Allen's AK was dominating Sung Ha's A9.  Allen couldn't believe he got called so light.

John Myung

"You should play fewer hands" joked John Myung.  "If you didn't play so many hands, you wouldn't get that call"  he said sarcastically, pointing out that this is the first hand that Allen has played all day.

 Amnon Filippi, Allen Kessler, and Jesse Yaginuma

As it turned out, the board double-paired and resulted in a chopped pot, so Allen missed out on his double-up.

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